200 ways to revive a hard drive

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If there are any bad spots on the suspect disk, try repairing them with the vendor's diagnostic tools. ) After you are satisfied you have recovered all of the data from the suspect drive, do a low level format with the vendor's diagnostic program. Do an FDISK and an operating system format and then reuse the drive as you wish. A second hard drive in a system makes a reasonable place to do quick backups as well as for swap files, temporary files, temporary internet files, and the like. From: Tom Hayes Recently we had a user with a Tecra 520 CDT lose his hard drive.

They charge $100 to look at it, send you a list of all the files they could find and recover, and then they want $1,500 to send you those files on a CD-R. " They did. Of course, in order to read the disk and list the files for us, they had to make a repair to the drive. When it was returned to us I was able to slave it in another machine and copy all of its contents—just finished before their juryrigged repair failed on us. Full data recovery for $100—not a bad deal, huh? From: Spike There are many different ways to approach this.

Chances are it's going to stay that way but I haven't come across too many drives I couldn't re-animate. :-) From: Jamey Copeland Make sure the drive's data ribbon cable is connected securely at both the drive and the controller. If the cable is damaged, try a new one. Enter the CMOS setup and make sure that all the parameters entered for the drive are correct. Boot from a floppy disk and try accessing the hard drive. If that is possible, then it is probably because boot files are missing or corrupt.

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