A Problem book in Astronomy and Astrophysics by Aniket Sule

By Aniket Sule

It is a compilation of difficulties from the overseas Olympiad in Astronomy and
Astrophysics (2007-2012).

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Nonetheless, it is essential. 2 Data Analysis 41 where Sa and Sb are std. 1 Theory 1. 0 Find the maximum combined magnitude of this system. (I10 - T01 - A) 2. A supernova shines with a luminosity 1010 times that of the Sun. If such a supernova appears in our sky as bright as the Sun, how far away (in parsec) from us must it be located? (I07 - T11 - A) 3. 5. What is the energy-flux ratio of the faintest to that of the brightest? (I07 - T15 A) 4. What would be full Moon’s visual magnitude if its albedo was equal to 1?

1 shows a CCD image of KZ Hyd marked together with the comparison star and the check star. 1 lists the observation time in Heliocentric Julian dates, the magnitude differences of KZ Hyd and the check star relative to the comparison star in V and R band. (a) Draw the light curves of KZ Hyd relative to the comparison star in V and R band, respectively. (b) What are the average magnitude differences of KZ Hyd relative to the comparison star in V and R, respectively? (c) What are the photometric precisions in V and R, respectively?

59”. 24 years. 1 – Data for the light curves of KZ Hyd in V and R. δV and δR are KZ Hyd relative to the comparison star in V and R. δVchk andδRchk are for the check star relative to the comparison in V and R. 34 respectively. 85 respectively. Use the data below to answer the following questions. 75 where ’BC’ stands for the Bolometric correction and (B − V )0 for the intrinsic Color of the star. (I08 - D02 - C) (a) Plot the curve BC versus (B − V )0 . (b) Determine the apparent bolometric magnitudes of α-Centauri A and α-Centauri B using the corresponding curve.

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