Advanced Business Programming with C# 2005 by Donald L. Voils

By Donald L. Voils

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Main Menu" << endl << endl << endl Start New Client" << endl << endl Expense Ledger Menu" << endl << endl Sales Ledger Menu" << endl << endl Print P&L" << endl << endl End of Year Processing" << endl << endl Exit" << endl << endl Which? get(ch); clr_scrn(); switch (menu_1) { case '1': // // // // THIS MODULE PROCESSES THE INSTALLATION OF NEW CLIENTS. startClient(); // menu_1 = '0'; break; case '2': // THIS MODULE HELPS THE USER TO SELECT WHICH // OF THE EXPENSE MODULES TO USE. // // // expenseLedger(); // menu_1 = '0'; break; case '3': // THIS MODULE HELPS THE USER TO SELECT WHICH // OF THE SALES MODULES TO USE.

Start New Client 2. Expense Ledger Menu 3. Sales Ledger Menu 4. Profit and Loss Menu 5. End of Year Processing 6. 2007 04:47:42] An Example of the 5 Phases dowhile(continue) End strt_clnt ..... Return expens_ldge ..... Return sales_ldgr .... Return pandl ...... Return Notice that the main module processes or calls each of the sub modules depending on the user's choice. When creating pseudo code, each module has its own separate part of the total. When each module completes its instructions, the program will return to the calling module.

Input month, ❍ input day ❍ input year ❍ output month ❍ output day ❍ output year ❍ output date UML data type description: Date -month:integer -day:integer -year:integer +inputMonth(theMonth: int ) +inputDay(theDay: int ) +inputYear(theYear: int) +outputMonth( ):integer +outputDay( ):integer +outputYear( ):integer +outputDate( ) 3. Sales: What types of data for Sales? 2007 04:47:42] An Example of the 5 Phases What types of functions for Sales? ❍ input date (month, day and year) ❍ input sales ❍ modify sales ❍ output sales date ❍ output sales amount for a particular account ❍ output sales for the date UML data type description: Sales:Date -dailySales[5]:float +inputSalesAmounts(dayNumber: int, amount: float ) +modifySalesAmount(dayNumber: int, amount: float ) +showSalesAmount(number:integer):float +showSalesAmounts( ) The above listing is not a complete analysis, so ask yourself: What other ADTs would be needed?

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