Advanced C by Peter D. Hipson

By Peter D. Hipson

The full programmer's consultant to C luck. potency assistance and strategies for debugging C courses and enhancing their velocity, reminiscence utilization, and clarity. entire insurance of disk records together with sequential entry, textual content, binary and random entry. assurance of the internals of the normal header records: variable, knowing the prototypes, and particular programming concerns.

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4. Because the program has two variables with the same name, it can be difficult to know which variable is being referred to. 4. C. /* SCOPE, written 15 May 1992 by Peter D. Hipson */ /* An example of variable scope. h> int main(void); /* Declare main() and the fact that this program doesn’t use any passed parameters. */ int main() { int nCounter = 0; do { int nCounter = 0; /* This nCounter is unique to the loop. C: Which nCounter is = 3? Which nCounter is = 3? Which nCounter is = 3? Which nCounter is = 3?

Continued extern long extern long int int lSum; // Using ‘int’ is optional. C routines to de-sum integers and decrement a counter. C routines to return the average. */ /* Declare the variables that will be shared between these functions. */ extern long extern long int int lSum; // Using ‘int’ is optional. C files are defined—using the extern attribute. This definition tells the compiler what the variables’ attributes are (long int), and tells the compiler not to allocate any memory for these variables.

8. 3d “, *(*(*(nArray3)) + i)); } printf(“\n”); // Notice that string concatenation makes the printf() format // string more readable. Also note the blank line between the // format string and the other arguments to printf(). 4X \n” “*(*(*(nArray3 + 1) + 1) + 1) %d \n” “*(*(*(nArray3)) + ((1 * (10 * 3)) + (1 * 3) + (1))) %d \n” “nArray3[1][1][1] %d\n”, &nArray3, &nArray3[0][0][0], nArray3 + 1, *(nArray3 + 1), *(*(nArray3 + 1) + 1), *(*(*(nArray3 + 1) + 1) + 1), *(*(*(nArray3)) + ((1 * (10 * 3)) + (1 * 3) + (1))), nArray3[1][1][1] ); printf(“\n”); return (0); } 51 Part I • Honing Your C Skills In ARRAY1, notice the three printf() statements.

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