Advanced Practical Chemistry by Jagdamba Singh, R. K. P. Singh, L. D. S. Yadav, I. Q.

By Jagdamba Singh, R. K. P. Singh, L. D. S. Yadav, I. Q. Siddiqui

The target of this e-book is to supply enough wisdom to its readers in regards to the inspiration of complicated functional CHEMISTRY

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SEPARATION OF ORGANIC MIXTURE (BINARY AND TERNARY MIXTURES) 0-29 16. Fructose (insoluble in ether) and m-dinitrobenzene (soluble in ether). Separation by ether. 17. Glucose (insoluble in ether) and a-Naphthol (soluble in ether). Separation by ether. 18. Glucose (insoluble in alcohol) and vanilline (soluble in alcohol). Separation by alcohol. 19. Fructose (insoluble in ether) and naphthalene (soluble in ether). Separation by ether. 20. a-Naphthyl amine (insoluble in water) and benzoin (insoluble in water).

Identify by the usual methods. 0-26 ADVANCED PRACTICAL CHEMISTRY (b) When solution-A contains non-aqueous and aqueous layers Transfer the solution-A in a 100 ml separatory funnel. Allow to stand for 3 minutes. When both layers separate, separate them from each other. I Non-aqueous layer or oily liquid Wash it with dil. HaOH in a separatory funnel and collect the non-aqueous layer in a test tube. It is compound-1 which is nonvolatile liquid. Aqueous layer Collect the aqueous layer in a 250 ml beaker and cool it in an ice bath.

Add few drops of ferric chloride solutien in the filtrate. A red colouration colouration mdicates nitrogen. 4 Test for Nitrogen and Sulphur together About 2 ml of sodium extract is acidified with dilute hydrochloric acid. A few drops of freshly prepared solution of ferric chloride are added in it. Appearance of red or blood red colouration due to formation of ferric thiocyante indicates the presence of both sulphur and nitrogen. 5 Test for Halogens (i) About 2 ml of sodium extract is acidified will dilute nitric acid and boiled gently for a few minutes to expel any hydrogen cyanide or hydrogen sulphide that may be present.

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