Adventures of Tom Sawyer (Webster's Chinese-Traditional by Mark Twain

By Mark Twain

This variation is written in English. despite the fact that, there's a operating Chinese-Traditional word list on the backside of every web page for the tougher English phrases highlighted within the textual content. there are lots of versions of Adventures of Tom Sawyer. This variation might

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Maybe--" Chinese Simplified admirable: 令人钦佩, 令人钦佩的. brought: 携带. call: 喊, 称呼, 叫, 号召, 召唤. chance: 机会. considerable: 可观, 相当多的. crawl: 爬, 爬行. dying: 不行了, 垂死, 垂死的. elbow: 肘, 手肘. everything: 一切事物, 应有尽有, 一切, 事事. flesh: 肉, 血肉, 肌肉. groans: 呻吟. hours: 小时. inspection: 检查, 视察. joggle: 榫接. kill: 打死, 杀害, 杀死. louder: 较大声的. matter: 事情, 事, 物质, 事项. necessary: 必要, 必需的. ouch: 哎哟, 哎唷. pain: 痛苦, 痛, 使疼痛, 疼痛. panting: 气吁吁. sheet: 片, 一张, 床单, 纸张. slept: 睡了. snort: 作哼声, 喷鼻息, 作哼声表示轻蔑等. stare: 凝视. stir: 轰动, 搅拌, 鼓动. stretched: 伸展.

Harvest: 收成, 收割, 收获. heathen: 异教徒. heel: 脚跟, 踵, 踝部. hind: 后面的. instantly: 即刻, 即刻地. pew: 教堂长凳. polishing: 抛光. prisoner: 犯人, 罪犯, 囚犯. restive: 难控制的. rubbing: 研磨, 拓片, 摩擦. sailors: 海员. scoundrelly: 卑鄙的, 无赖的. seed: 种子, 播种. slender: 细, 细长, 细长的. stormy: 暴风雨的. supplication: 恳求. tally: 相符, 吻合, 记录. tidings: 消息. toilet: 厕所, 更衣室. unfair: 不公, 不公平, 不公平的. vigorously: 大力, 勃然, 起劲, 激烈地. yielding: 易弯曲的, 柔顺的. Mark Twain 39 it was an argument that dealt in limitless fire and brimstone and thinned the predestined elect down to a company so small as to be hardly worth the saving.

Learned: 有学问, 博学, 博雅, 饱学. lesson: 教训, 课, 课业, 课程, 裸. mary: 玛莉. mortar: 臼, 迫击炮. originality: 创作力, 独创性, 创造力. peaceful: 安顿, 安宁, 安生, 安谧, 安静, 和平的, 沉静. prayer: 祷告, 祈祷. recite: 背诵, 朗诵. rose: 蔷薇, 玫瑰, 升起. solid: 固体, 立体, 固体的, 坚硬, 扎实, 实心的, 坚固的, 坚实. speak: 说, 讲. spirit: 神, 精神, 灵魂, 气概, 白干儿, 白乾儿. summit: 顶点, 顶峰, 首脑, 顶端, 高峰. thin: 薄, 疏, 细, 淡. tranquil: 安宁, 安谧, 宁静, 平静, 宁静的. vague: 模糊, 含糊, 隐约, 模糊的. village: 村庄, 农村, 乡村, 村子. worship: 崇拜, 礼拜. Mark Twain 27 "In spirit; blessed are the poor in spirit, for they--they--"% "Theirs--" "For theirs.

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