An Intro. to Differential Geometry With Applns to Elasticity by P. Ciarlet

By P. Ciarlet

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A / Á 1. That is, a is a Reeb vector field of the contact form ˛. , the quotient of U by a sufficiently small neighbourhood of the identity in Ta , is a manifold. Then MU inherits a canonical symplectic structure ! / D d˛ for the canonical projection W U ! MU . It is now our aim to construct a connection on MU which is “naturally” associated to the given structure. For this, we let G0 G be the connected subgroup with Lie algebra g0 Ä g. Since g0 Ä p and hence G0 P , it follows that we have a fibration P =G0 !

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Lorentzian symmetric spaces. Bull. Amer. Math. Soc. 76, 585–591 (1970) 28. : M´etriques k¨ahleriennes et fibr´es holomorphes, Ann. Ec. Norm. Sup. 12, 269–294 (1979) ´ Les groupes de transformations continus, infinis, simples. Ann. Ec. ´ Norm. 26, 29. : 93–161 (1909) 30. : Sur les vari´et´es a` connexion affine et la th´eorie de la relativit´e g´en´eralis´ee I & II, Ann. Sci. Ecol. Norm. Sup. 40, 325–412 (1923); et 41, 1–25 (1924) ou Oeuvres compl`etes, tome III, 659–746 et 799–824 31. : La g´eom´etrie des espaces de Riemann, M´emorial des Sciences Math´ematiques.

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